German men jailed for making women sex slaves

2/07/2008 - 18:04

BERLIN (Reuters) - A German court sentenced a pair of middle-aged men to more than 12 years in prison on Wednesday for sexually abusing and torturing two young women they held captive for several weeks -- part of the time in a dog kennel.

The ordeal ended when a third woman taken hostage by thetwo German men managed to escape her captors and alert police,the court in the northern town of Verden said.

In addition to jail sentences, the court ordered theaccused, identified as Stephan K., 42, and Bernd K., 55, to paydamages of 150,000 euros (119,000 pounds) to each of the twowomen, while the third woman was awarded 5,000 euros.

The abuse of the women, who were aged between 18 and 23 atthe time, began when the eldest was captured in August 2006after she followed up a fake job advert posted by the men. Fourweeks later, the men abducted the second woman the same way.

During their captivity at a two-storey house in Garlstedtnear Bremen, the two women were repeatedly raped, a spokeswomanfor the court said.

They were also locked in a kennel, made to crawl around onall fours on a leash, eat from a dog bowl and subjected toblasts of deafening music, she added.

The men, who filmed some of the abuse, also forced one ofthe women to prostitute herself, or face violent reprisals.

"The court concluded that the men who came for sex wereunaware of the circumstances," the spokeswoman said.

In mid-October, the men bound and gagged their thirdvictim, but she escaped handcuffed and naked through anupstairs window, and alerted police with the help of a passingjogger.

Afterwards, the two men fled, each taking one of theremaining women by force. Within four days, Bernd K. had turnedhimself in, the court said. Police captured the younger manwith the last captive woman just over a month later.

The older man received a 12-1/2 year sentence, whileStephan K. was handed a 14-year term, to be followed by apotentially indefinite period of preventive detention, thespokeswoman said.

The latter sentence reflected the fact the man had markedsociopathic and sadistic tendencies, she added.

"The court said they were deeply ingrained and wouldprobably be apparent when he was 70," she said.

The 14-month trial of the men, which received considerableattention in local German media, was partly closed to thepublic due to the disturbing nature of the evidence.

(Reporting by Dave Graham, editing by Erik Kirschbaum andMary Gabirel)

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