Triceratops skeleton to be auctioned in Paris

14/04/2008 - 16:59

PARIS (Reuters) - The skeleton of a Triceratops dinosaur that roamed the earth some 65 million years ago goes under the hammer in Paris on Wednesday as part of a collection of prehistoric bones and fossils, auctioneers Christie's said.

The 7.5 metre-long skeleton is the first specimen ofsimilar quality to be sold at auction since a Tyrannosaurus Rexnicknamed Sue was sold in New York more than a decade ago in1997, Christie's said.

It said the skeleton, with an estimated value of 500,000euros (398,458 pounds), had no name so far but the purchaserwould be able to give it one.

The three-horned Triceratops, a herbivorous giant with ahuge head thought to be one of the last dinosaurs to evolvebefore the creatures became extinct, lived in what is now NorthAmerica, feeding mainly on low growing vegetation.

The skeleton is part of a collection of prehistoric remainsincluding a dinosaur egg, a sabre-toothed tiger skull or thetooth of a giant prehistoric shark.

(Reporting by James Mackenzie; Editing by Matthew Jones)

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