Esta madre muestra la realidad del verano cuando tienes hijos (y da en el blanco)

  • Todo tu tiempo lo dedicas a las necesidades de los más pequeños de casa
  • Las cosas cambian cuando llegan nuevos miembros a la familia
  • Imágenes que muestran desternillantes reflexiones sobre la maternidad moderna
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Tener hijos significa mucha responsabilidad y perder la privacidad; tu rutina ya no será despreocupada, puesto que todo tu tiempo lo dedicas a las necesidades de los nuevos miembros de la familia. Si eres madre es algo con lo que seguro te sentirás identificada, pero si te estás preparando para ejercer este papel, las imágenes que presentamos a continuación te representarán en los próximos años.

Es casi seguro afirmar que las vacaciones de verano antes de tener niños significaba hacer viajes por carretera, tener tiempo libre y días de playa que acababan en un largo chapuzón en el mar con tu pareja. Sí, es verdad que aún teniendo hijos se puede hacer, pero las cosas cambian cuando llega una nueva faceta en tu vida llena de responsabilidades.

Para todos aquellos padres, las imágenes que presentamos a continuación mostrarán los veranos en los que seguro te verás reflejado. Stephanie Horman, es madre y creadora de contenido divertido en Modern Day Wonderland, una cuenta de Instagram en la que publica desternillantes reflexiones sobre la paternidad moderna.

So today I decided it was a great day to take the kids to the beach... except it's nothing like the carefree days of jumping in the car with a volleyball and bikini. . Now I need sunscreen, hats, waters, snacks, duct tape, 5 socket wrenches, probably a plunger, and who knows what else. ???? What are your must haves when going to the beach with the littles? . #ad P.S. if anyone is like me and needing to get their booty binki ready, I've partnered up with Jessica @bodyconnectionfitness to get you 10% off her 28 day booty blaster course, and 2 week healthy eating meal plan. Check out today's stories where I'll give you the direct link. Also, if your local #kelownaliving mama she has some fantastic courses you can also check out through the link! Xo

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"VERANO: cuando el helado se convierte en tu propio grupo de alimentos"

"Hacer hoy la colada o ir mañana desnudo"

"Vida de una madre: Cuando los días de piscina involucran mucho más pis que colada"

"Si me escondo de mis hijos fuera, ¿se considera acampar?"

"Me fui a pescar"

Somedays I just want to give up. Throw in the towel, walk out that door and never look back. Somedays I burn the toast, spill the milk, and yell at the kids. . Somedays I look in the mirror and see a sleep deprived, older version of someone I used to be. . But mamas, those are the days that truly show us how strong we are. It's ok to have bad days. To cry in the bathroom, or hide in the pantry. Just remember that your not alone. We are all going through this crazy adventure together, and you are so much stronger than you think you are. . When my mom was going through chemo, the girls and I would constantly send her encouraging letterboard quotes. You got this, was one that we never had the opportunity to send. I'm finally ready to recreate it as a reminder to myself that no matter what hard times we are faced with, we are never alone in our struggles. This is a reminder to me, and for all of you mamas that no matter what life throws at you, YOU GOT THIS. . Tag a beautiful mama below who might need a little reminder this week that she's got this! Xo? #rebuildmamasvillage

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"Querida mamá, sé que es duro, pero tú también pasaste por esto"

Well, today the girls and I had a big outing planned. We got dressed up, and headed to the mall to pick out the world's best Father's day gift. We were going to have ice cream, window shop, and I was even going to let Avery play on one of those spaceships that goes up and down 30 times. But of course when got to the mall this mom forgot her wallet *insert feelings of devistation and mom faliure* ???? after digging around in the car for a bit, we managed to scrounge up $2.75, and headed to the dollar store. . Well dad, looks like your getting a plastic harmonica this year, but trust me, the girls searched high and low in that store for something perfect. At the end of the day I realized it's not about the amount we spent, but the thought and care that went into picking it out. So I hope your all having a great Father's day weekend and enjoying the memories more than the presents. Xo #whpplay . How are you celebrating Dad this year?

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"El único golf que papá está haciendo este verano"